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It’s Okay It’s Love OST Part 5 ~ Hong Dae Kwang - I FEEL YOU ~ SUB ESPAÑOL *-* awwww

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hermosa ❤️!! It’s Okay It’s Love OST Part 4 - For You by Wheesung (휘성) SUB ESPAÑOL!!

ME ENCANTA ESTA CANCIÓN! It’s OK, It’s Love OST Part 1 ~ Chen (EXO)~ (Best Luck) SUB ESPAÑOL

Lee Dong Wook in Talks to Act Alongside Shin Se Kyung in New Drama “Iron Man” OMGGG!!! *-*

It has been revealed that actor Lee Dong Wook is preparing to star in KBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama titled “Iron Man,” as the lead male role.

On August 8, a broadcast official told OSEN, “Lee Dong Wook is in the middle of finalizing his casting as the main male character. He discussed the role positively with producers, and as long as there are no unexpected changes, he will be starring [in the drama].”

Previously, actress Shin Se Kyung was in talks to act in “Iron Man” as the lead female, and she is still the leading candidate. The actress’s agency shared that she is also finalizing her decision to appear in the drama.

Meanwhile, the upcoming drama is scheduled to go into filming as soon as the cast lineup is confirmed and complete. It will air its first episode in September, following the completion of “The Joseon Shooter.”